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LA Cajun Boils

A Local Lifelong Tradition

I’m Chris Oubre, the founder and owner of LA Cajun Boils. I grew up in the Bucktown area of Metairie surrounded by commercial fishermen who love to talk about fishing and all of the wonderful seafood Lake Pontchartrain offers. This is how I learned about fishing, hunting, crabbing, and shrimping. I learned to create my own tools the way these old fishermen did. Call me old fashioned. To this day I still use the same old traditional methods whenever I go out in the lake. 

At age 14, I learned how to boil seafood from the old neighborhood fishermen. I used my grandmother’s original recipes that were handed down to my mother and eventually to me.  As I perfected my seafood boiling skills, my family requested that I do all of the crawfish boils, shrimp boils and crab boils for our gatherings with family and friends. Furthermore, I learned so much about properly handling seafood and blending seasonings to the customers’ tastes and preferences. I am thankful for all of my family and friends in the seafood industry. Without them, I would lack the lifelong knowledge and skills needed to provide fellow New Orleans locals such a unique seafood experience.

I take pride in my background, and I continue to use the original family recipes in all of the seafood I provide my customers.



Chris Oubre

Chris Oubre

After retiring from his full-time career, Chris enjoys providing seafood boils to local New Orleans residents.